Privacy Policy

Through this statement (Privacy Policy), Sakhalia Net Project makes the user aware of the proper conditions of usage of this website (World War Two Color Photos by Sakhalia Net Project). The utilization of any portion of the website implies full and unreserved acceptance of every provision recorded on this legal notice, so if the user does not agree with any of the conditions set forth herein, it shall not use or access this website. Sakhalia Net Project reserves the right to modify this statement and its guidelines at any time. The continued usage of any portion of this website following public notification of the modifications shall constitute the tacit acceptance of the changes.

About Personal Data Protection

To use certain services or access certain content, the user could be asked to provide certain data of personal nature; this data will only be used for the purpose of operation of the website. Not all of the information requested shall be mandatory, as it will be made noticeable when appropriate. As a general principle, this website will not share or disclose information except when authorized by the user, or when requested by a competent authority after fulfilling the corresponding legal proceedings, or when it is necessary to protect the integrity of the website, the users or other third parties.

The user should keep in mind that if it voluntarily discloses personal information in a public online area, that information may be collected and used by others. Sakhalia Net Project does not control the actions of its visitors/users.

About Cookies

Some functionalities of this website require the utilization of "cookies", which are small data files that are sent from the server to the client machines. The information sent shall not provide references that could allow to deduce personal data from the users. These can configure their browsers to notify and reject the installation of any cookies sent by this website, without detriment to the ability to access the content. However, Sakhalia Net Project shall be not responsible if the deactivation impedes the smooth operation of the website for the user.

The advertising platform (Google Adsense) used in this website uses cookies to study the preferences of its customers, their demographics, traffic patterns and other information to better understand who the audience is and what it demands. Tracking users' preferences also helps to serve the most relevant ads.

The tracking platform (Google Analytics) used in this website may use cookies and other means to form statistics about the people who access the website. The information gathered includes aspects such as geographical location, operating systems and browsers used, traffic sources, keywords used, pagewiews or the estimated time spent visiting the website. No personal data is collected.

To disable the cookies sent by the Google Adsense advertising platform, which create a profile of the user's browsing, this one may visit this link and select the desired disabling options. The user may consult as well the Google Privacy Policy by following this link.

For some more details concerning the utilization of cookies in this website the user can refer to the cookies policy of this website, whose link can be found at the top of each page.

Terms of Use

The information provided by the user, as a result of completing the forms required for accessing the services provided in the website, shall be truthful. In any case the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate information provided, and the damage caused to this website, its users or any other third party due to it. The user shall agree to act responsibly on this website and to treat other visitors/users with respect.

Policy on Content Usage

The texts provided on this website are intellectual property of Sakhalia Net Content Network, and under no circumstance should they be published (unchanged) in other websites or media without express permission from the author. The texts that are published in third party sources should include proper credit to Sakhalia Net Project/Content Network.

All the images provided on this website are intended, at first, for personal and non-commercial use. Permission should be asked to use these images in any commercial or lucrative project. Websites that make use of any advertising program to earn profits are included in this definition. Whoever wants to use these images for being displayed in any media form should understand the possible consequences derived from distributing copyrighted material. Sakhalia Net Project shall accept or demand (as appropriate) a credit line featuring a proper link towards a web page on this website.

Please note that, in general, Sakhalia Net Project discourages its users from republishing its material in other websites. This includes the practice of "hotlinking", which drains bandwith from the host server. The user should understand that the misuse of the information provided (both graphics and texts), when resulting in a direct prejudice against the website itself (as for instance outranking it in the search engines because of a great amount of duplicated content), shall be likely detected and proper actions could be taken against the offenders.


To perform a consult, the visitor/user may use the following e-mail address (which is written in reverse to avoid spambots): se.liamtoh@tessarnamat
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